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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Squeezing Life In

Yesterday I went for a job interview, I thought it might fill the lonely corners of life and help meet the budget. Only to find out the job was way too exciting and perfect but wouldn't fit into the small shape I had for it in my life.

All the energy and adrenaline for the interview dissipated a few hours later into cold reality. This midlife Mum had to face the facts, the jigsaw pieces were too many like 2 bags of pieces mixed up, life would get too confusing and lots of pieces would always be left over, with no place to go.

I have to say no today. No to working with a CEO 3 weeks into a project who wants to setup offices and launch something fantastic that would make a real difference with me at his side.

But as a woman I can't leave out the human quotient. My elderly Mother who depends on my company. My children who need my management and nursing on a sick day and the sum total of all the weekly activities and chores of a busy family life.

If you are choosing the right pieces for the puzzle all the time and letting little dreams slip away to do so, well done.

Welcome to my 3 new followers, you've inspired me today.

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