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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Defining Oneself

We reach moments in life when we are arrested with a need to find or measure ourself again. As women we get lost in our roles, wife, mother, daughter, housekeeper, sandwich maker, taxi driver. And we feel empty when these roles melt away like ice on a summer's day.

Staying home with young children strips us of a sense of being the intellectual, the sophisticate in a work role, the rush of the urgent takes on new meaning! Its no longer about getting work across a deadline but rather rushing to rescue a toddler who is about to bang their skull as they stand-up under a shopping trolley.

Reaching decade milestones has a similar effect. We wonder who would be counted as a friend to celebrate our life at that midway point? What has our life added up to? Where have we left fingerprints of consequence? Who are we really? Where has the fun gone?

Ever wondered such things? Join me on my journey of being an older midlife Mum. Join me on my journey of 'being woman'. Share insightful stories with other women who visit this site.

I'm Carolyn...

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