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Monday, 27 June 2011

Hearts Reach From The Past

Just this morning I chatted on facebook with a face and voice from my past. It brought tears to my eyes. I spent six and half years looking after malnourished children, amongst other things, in the Philippines. Every now and again I get a new request from facebook to be a friend of a young person who reminds me how I helped them as malnourished children. Or I knew them and their parents and they send their love to me.

It is so special.

'That life' seems so far behind me but in my hearts longings I would love to go back there and hug the people and children I left behind 20 years ago. Some of us have lives like that, segmented where we have chosen to leave something behind to start something new. In midlife it can seem that many bridges have been crossed, never to be returned over again. The fragments can be painful but it won't always be that way.

Heaven will be a wonderful place where crossed bridges and broken pieces of our past will be healed. Where all the pieces will fit back in harmony, where as friends and brother and sisters in Christ we will all worship side by side with such intense joy and unity.

Thank-you Casey you have warmed my heart today.


  1. Great Pic Carolyn! The things we don't know about each other hey : )

    What a blessing.

  2. You're much welcome te carolyn! I would forever cherish the memories we had with you. I still have a picture of you kept for years now :-)
    Hugs and best regards from my mama. Im pretty sure she miss you much more than I do. Indeed you are a blessing!